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JoT (Journal of Training): A Free Fitnesss Journal & Training Diary.  Yes. It's Free



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JoT is a Full Featured Free Online Traning Diary & Fitness Journal.

Manage daily workout data: track fitness, monitor nutrition, lose weight. Enjoy the convenience of reviewing and managing your workouts from your wireless PDA.

Coaches and Personal Trainers can create networks for team members or training clients to join. A coach and team members can review distance charts to see everyone's progress. Coaches and Trainers can review members training journals; within limits set up by each member. These are real community networks that keep it's members connected and motivated.

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  • Fitness
  • Weights
  • CrossFit
  • Cycling
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Triathlons
  • Walking
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Fitness Exercises, Weight Training & CrossFit
Use the Fitness Category to keep track of all repetitive exercises and CrossFit Training: weight lifting, chin-ups, push-ups, etc. Use the Fitness category to log multliple circuits, sets, reps and weight for each training session.
The online workout training log and fitness journal is a web based resource so you can manage your training and fitness diary anywhere you have a connection to the Internet.

The Demo account has a a lot of data to help you explore the rich features and discover that JoT is the fitness journal for you.

Use the Nutrition Database: 80 nutrients for more than 8000 foods.
  Some of the Features you'll find:
  • Track Distance: Graph Daily, Weekly or Monthly
  • Track time in your Heart Rate Zones
  • Create separate HR Zones for Cycling, Running & Swimming if needed.
  • Manage a list of all your Heart Rate Zones as your fitness changes
  • Cycling: Monitor Wear on 1 or more bicycles and multiple wheels
    • Tire Wear
    • Chain Wear
    • Cassette Wear
    • Total Distance
  • Running
    • Shoe Rotation
    • Shoe Wear
Try the Fitness Journal on your Wireless PDA

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  Nutriion Database
JoT includes a Nutrition Database that reports over 80 nutrients for more than 8000 foods. Click here to use the database.

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He replaced 3 ligaments in my left knee and repaired a torn hamstring tendon. 
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