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S&S Coupling: Michael Specter's break apart Merlin bicycle frame

In the first issue of Men's Vogue, Michael Specter, journalist and New Yorker staff writer, reports about his Merlin Titanium break apart bicycle frame that he takes when he travels the world.

The frame uses a coupling designed by S and S Machine's Steve Smilanick.

The coupling is referred to as the S and S Coupling™ also known as a Bicycle Torque Coupling™ or BTC™. It's a precision lug that's installed in a bicycle frame when it's manufactured to allow it to separate and pack for easy transportation. Some builders will even install or retrofit BTCs™  into an existing frame. With this system, a full size road or mountain bike will fit completely inside a single 26" x 26" x 10" case that travels as regular airline luggage. Some framebuilders manufacture full size tandems that will fit complete, including the wheels, in the same case!

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Read Michael Specter's article in the first issue of Men's Vogue. We'll post a copy of the article when it's released by Conde Naste; compliments of the author.